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Why do ghosts disappear?

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or spirits or whatever they are come and go?  Better yet, where do they go?  After seeing the sort of scary figure a few weeks ago I didn't see anything until this week and it's the other people that live here.  Not the scary guy.  Where have they been?  Did the scary guy run them off?

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You are actually seeing the spirits?  I think my ex is hanging around here which is weird since he never lived in this house. But I haven't actually seen anything. It's based on my dogs' behavior.

To answer you, I don't know where they go. Maybe the scary guy did run the others off. But where did the scary guy come from? Had you ever seen him before?

I saw the scary guy a time or two and now he's gone I guess.  I'd never seen him before.

I get my ex's mail and he's never stepped foot in this house.  Ex's are strange appendages.

bayou girl:

--- Quote from: bestofour on Dec 31, 2009, 08:28:32 PM ---...Ex's are strange appendages.

--- End quote ---
:rofl1: yes they are :rofl1:

do you think spirits or ghosts go into hiding when there's a lot of commotion in their house say like at Christmas?


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