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Jim's New Camera


Yep, I got a new camera.  Here is the one I picked.  I really wanted to get away from the small point-n-shoot and get back to a SLR but couldn't afford the digital SLR.  This is about as close as I could come.  It's not the best one but I like it.

FujiFinePix S9100

Here's some more pics of it and a comprehensive review.

I can't wait to try it on an outing and see how many dust orbs I get.  With the flash a greater distance from the lense it should perform better.  Additionally I have the option to add a hot-shoe or off camera slave flash.

Darn it, Jim. You know what that means. Monkey see. Monkey do. Now I will have to have one too.


Well I can sure tell you where you don't want to buy it from.  Not a pleasant experience.  They promised things that I didn't get and I ended up spending more than I planned.  Go figure, huh!  Anyway the company on the internet to stay away from is:

They are so bad I refuse to post a link here.

I love the camera though.  It uses either the CF memory card (like my Canon did) or the xD card like your Olympus.  4 AA batteries so the rechargeables are the way to go.

Of course I'll bring it when we come down next weekend.  :)


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