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Newberry - Flag Lake/Molly's Rock

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I saw this listed in Shadowlands - haunted places in SC.  The story goes that there was supposed to be a lake there but the construction workers got scared off because of strange things?  There is also a private cemetery on the hill above it where all the people in it are supposed to have committed suicide.

Has anyone been there?

I have friends who live in Newberry.  The wife said that they have been to Molly's rock.  When the weather starts to improve, I guess in spring, they are going to take me there.  I am thinking of this as more of a first look, maybe take a few pictures, and see if there are any obvious vibes there, before considering this for further investigation.

My friends are not ghost hunters.  They think I just want to go hiking.   :BigGrin:

there's a cool website with pictures of the cemetary there.  I don't know if I can post the website address here though.  I put in Flag Lake, Newberry, SC and it came up as one of the choices.

Is this the website you were talking about, Sheri? Looks like it would be a very interesting place to visit and investigate... :grinnnn:

Sure hope nothing scares your friends, Shaman. They might decide that their hearts can't take "hiking" with you, in more ways than one... :giggle:

Is it that lake/cemetary that Sheri found? I would love to investigate that one after reading on that site... :grinnnn:

yep that's it.  How far is that from you Dianna?

It is about 100 miles, give or take a few, Sheri. How far is it from you?


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