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Wampee house Berkeley County SC

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I thought some of you may be interested in this article.  I have been to the Wampee , but not in the house.  You can definately feel there is something there.  I got that chilled feeling when all the hair on back of your neck stands up an a 100 degree August afternoon.  This was before I heard about the ghost rumors.


Were you taking a tour when you visited the house?

Keep us posted if they return in 6 months to see if the ball is moved.  Cool.

That sounds like a really interesting place to check out.

They have a "conference center" adjacent to the house.  My company held several employee picnics at the site 7 or 8 years ago.  We were not allowed in the house, but had had the run of the grounds.  The company i work for provides the security cameras on the property.  I wish I had the time ( and clearance) to review the tapes.  Who knows what may show up.

Is Wampee a town, G? Or is it just the name of the site? :ScratchHead:

It would be interesting to view the tapes...


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