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Help - New Members - Finish filling out your profile!

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ETA:  I have added a few more things to this so now you can edit your profile to finish filling in your information before reaching 20 post. The modification I added does not keep a spammer from adding links to his/her signature, just prevents the addition in post.  As a result you will have to post 20 times before you will be able to complete the information in your profile.  I may remove this restriction in the future but as of now it has to stay in place.  Sorry for the inconvenience.

Don't forget to press the PROFILE button at the top of the page and finish filling in your profile information. There you can enter your birthday (come on now we just want to wish you a happy birthday when it comes around); location, signature, pick an avatar or indicate you have one at some other hosting location. If you have a pic that you want to use for an avatar and don't know how to get it set-up feel free to PM myself or one of the staff for some help. Also be sure and set up you PM notifications as well as any email notifications that you are using on the board.

If you have questions with any of this. feel free to PM me or leave a reply to this topic.

We do hope you enjoy the forum.


Jim I have tried twice to put a dob in. I don't celebrate birthdays or even recognize them so was going to put in a made up date and it keeps going back to 0000  00 00

Make sure the date is believeable as the board does do a bit of checking. It should accept about anything in the past but definitely nothing in the future. Be sure and use the format of yyyy for year, mm for month, and dd for day. These all need to be numbers. Be sure and click the button at the bottom of the page that says "change profile". If you forget that, it doesn't save your changes. Let me know if this doesn't work and we will figure out something else.

OK I got a date to go in it is made up and no where near my BD. Like I said I don't recognize my birthday at all. Thanks a lot for the help.

I understand completely, Jimmy.  Dianna was putting in different dates one night just seeing what the board would do and she found out that if you put in the year, it tells you age.   However if you leave the year at 0000 and fill in the month and day, your birthday shows up on the calendar but it doesn't tell your age.  :o

Don't mind helping at all.  Just holler' if you need anything else.


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