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duh, you're so good.  You know all the growing rules.  I just throw my basil seeds into the garden and hope for the best.  If it rains they get watered if it's warm they get sun.  Good thing I'm close to a grocery store huh.

I do the same Sheri but I am thinking of getting a metal container for my herbs like a miniature horse watering trough.

The grocery store is great except they don't carry cinnamon basil.  I've got my fingers crossed that it grows this time.  I'm hording the pinch I have left. 

I like having the herbs close to the door so I can step out and get what I want.  I'm thinking flower boxes on the deck for the herbs one of these days.  But there are so many projects in front of that to do. 

the rosemary has given up the ghost.  Can't say that I'm surprised since I didn't water and it hasn't rained in 2 months.

Two of the cinnamon basil have sprouted.  Keep your fingers crossed that I can get them from seedling to plant.  This is where I've been loosing them all.


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