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Hospice care for dying patients

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This is something that I think is very important.  The article took me about an hour of off and on reading to get through but makes some valid points.  Has some good info about how to help someone you love make end of life decisions.

Hospice care for dying patients

bayou girl:
that is thought provoking sarah loo.  way too much for me to read at bed time, but something i will be coming back to.  thank you for sharing.

hospice care is one of those things that is difficult in the best of situations and horribly difficult in the worst.

I could not stop reading the article.  It really makes me think more even about my own decisions about how I want things handled and how very unspecific they really are for those who would be making those decisions if i could not.

I also read the whole article.
I loved hospice for John. John loved hospice for himself.
The first hospice dumped him when he opted for chemo for the mylodisplastic syndrome and radiation for the bone cancer in his back. But both were really palliative treatments to lessen his pain. And they worked. The hospice intake nurse from his first hospice quit over that.
But his second hospice continued his care even with the chemo and radiation. And that same intake nurse also worked for them.
Hospice is the way to go.
When I told people John had hospice, they said they were so sorry. But we weren't.  They made a big difference and answered the questions and made life simpler. They made dying easier. Hospice is the way to go.
But I also need to discuss things with my kids in more detail. And ask them, too.

I have known what hospice is and does for years, taking tours of their local facilities and talking with folks but I didn't realize the extent they went to. 

It has really made me think about what I do / don't want.  I definitely was not comfortable to how close my age was to some of those folks...


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