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Has anyone seen the Discovery Channel program on the Linda Vista Hospital?  If I remember correctly, YouTube has the program broken down into 4 or 5 segments.  The pictures of the Orb floating across the hall was real interesting.  And Zack coming face to face with the little girl in the X-ray was something!  I will go back and see if I can find the links.  The insane ward had some interesting folks on it as well.  Might be worth revisiting the websites again. 

Ghost Adventures: Linda Vista Hospital [1/4]

Ghost Adventures: Linda Vista Hospital [2/4]

Ghost Adventures: Linda Vista Hospital [3/4]

Ghost Adventures - Linda Vista Hospital 4 of 4

Having just watched the entire series again, how could you not justify what these men had witnessed?

My personal feelings on the videos are that they were polluted by the film crews (audio/soundtrack) when they were made public. I would love to have seen the apparitions that they reported that they saw. :)  

For the "investigator" to say that the spirits were intimidated struck me as hilarious. Why would some one/thing be intimidated by the living? What would an investigator do? Kill them? :razberry: They should tread lightly when they are dealing with something that is not totally understood. To challenge something not of this world is ignorant. When the otherworld answers, it might not be somthing that they would welcome... :wink5:

To me, the videos were things made for television, but not real life...

I would love to know what one of the guys came face to face with in the X-ray room... when he came out the door, both of their cameras malfunctioned...was it coincidence?  I would love to know more. I'm sure they "doctored" up the video for TV...No pun intended! 

We have been watching "The Haunted" on the Animal Planet all day, except for when we were out mowing. To me, those episodes about ghost hunting and such were much more realistic... :grinnnn:


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