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Here I sit trying to figure out what to do.  I have a bathroom cabinet that is fit for a 30 1/2 x 21 inch counter and sink.  The standard vanity top that I would like to have comes in either 31 x 19 or 31 x 22.  The 19 inch would not come out far enough to reach over the cabinet leaving a two inch gap.  The 22 in would cut right into the door trim.  I can't figure out what to do.  I suppose I should just wait until January and ask the guy that will do the work which will be easiest to deal with.     

Yes, mobile homes and manufactured homes often come with their own measurements. Not standard 'home improvement' measurements. It makes for interesting remodeling problems to figure out. Especially if you are upgrading types of materials. Then also, builders have their own measurements.

isn't there a place to buy already made mobile home parts?

Yes there are bestofour but they are not the vanity top style that I want.  They are formica counters with fiberglass sinks.    That isn't what I want.  



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