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cal/spring/anyone ready 4 hunt?

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 :Glee:     The snow has left and spring only weeks away an now it seems I have a group with like interest here. Anyone close to north cal.,or near Reno,nev?
 Always go alone or with freinds,whom are now moved away.
If anyone is planning such an adventure,...hollar over. I'm not set on what kind,that part is up for hints.      :freezin:

Used to live in Sacramento, but in Washington now.  Reno can be a lot of fun though.

I'm ready for a hunt, but thats a little to far for me. Keep us informed.

web cam an phone video,there the new play toys of us oldies but goodies.   :giggle:
 this is why wanted  mini-moble-netbook,make things part of the world only personal    :banana02:,

 :beer3:  Had some friends over for supper the other nite and over cheri cobbler an coffee we took a look at the maps,Jim,suggested from our local forestry(old/new),along with our local musuem,found information I have been busy working on;of any hauntings in this area in which I live. Even found out locations for other graveyards I was not aware of here in northern Ca.
 Ghost hauntings,though few,were in museum archives, I was suprised! This kind of research is new,for me anyway. So I have done some looking into the guidelines(suggested here)and it was very helpful. A new breif case was in order,for this new hobbie(never had the urge to do more than for my own personal intrest) but here I am on this site of other simular minded folks like myself. :ThumbUp:
Long story short as long as the weather is good,we are going out for a day drive(late/April)to decide on hows and wheres,so I can do this scientificly(along with the joy of doing it)an adding to my research interest studies.
If all comes together in the right order,than I may get the chance to record my first ghost haunt
Nothing high tech,but a hopeful sighting?   :good2:


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