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book #637
« on: Mar 02, 2011, 12:14:24 AM »
 :good2:     My book shevles are in need of more,always more. Collecting books has been a real love for me,drives Pop crazy coming up with new designs to show them off. Today I hit the jack pot...
Complete un-opened set of : L. Ron Hubbard.
I have always been interested in how he lead his life and how his travels led to the people of today finding him to be...spritual guidance. I have begun the first of the series and already see why they would have come to this...conclusion, seeing what relgion has come to offer most in todays world.   :help:
Myself have only the desire to read about the man and how he gained his...knowledge shall we say. The things the rich were able to do back then,the travels,land an water,the things one learned in this way.
 This man is so fasinating,I suppose in a way i wish to also know more about this scientology aspect also.
I shall write a short paper on this subject more as my reading progresses.
 But at having only begun this query, I am glad to know he was a firm beleiver in the spirits and the ghosts they inhabited.


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Re: book #637
« Reply #1 on: Apr 28, 2011, 03:55:03 PM »
Well...that was informative to say the least. I have begun with:Dianetics-The Original Thesis
It was,an still is,the most widely read book of humankind it seems. Diaetics is the modern science of mental health. In fact more of Hubbards gathered...experience... has helped develope how an what a shrink(no offence intended)learns/an applys, to be a shrink,then Fruad! Today these readings I will call them,claim only...that by their USE,certain definite,an predictable results can be obtained. So I am starting use of a form of science that is my area of interest first;Psychosomatic Ills, an Aberrations.
Hubbard puts use of clairvoyance,spiritualism,deism and telepathy to one side of a pro/con kinda layman format,to give reasoned thought on paper to his experiences. I am enjoying his readings. I am taking notes and studing like I am back in school
he's good,I recommend it highly.It fits in our world,here in this group,of kind like thinking adults.


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