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1900's hospital?

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  :thx:  I have just now decided to add the old hopital here in our town of a current 345 people,because spring still weeks away and go snoop around an see what sprites I might feel or see.Try out this new video phone. Whom to talk to in the city works? I think Kathy. update  when time comes.

Is the hospital still in use as a hospital?  With a town that small, you should be able to find out who to ask about looking around the old building.  That's key to a successful hunt.  Always get permission.

    :spitcoffee-vi:  No,it's been closed up for some time. I thought I would have a look at our newpapers,stories to see about its history,mentions of anything that might have happened there. It's fairly small,but it has potenial being late 1900's I found out so far.
  I always get the feeling someone is looking out a window .We pass by it every morning to head for the school. The town retired folks home is on ajoining property. I do love old stories and might set up a talk with a few their residents if it turns out worth while on historys data .
  Still waiting to here from kathy at city works. And called another person who is able to help me get to steps to actual opening of the doors and letting me take a walk thru. I was able to get my calls returned , so also will talk to librarian,she grew up here. And have a retired nurse or two I know so,if there is anything,I'm going for "bust"...permisson awaits,      :ThumbUp: 

What was the name of the hospital? Is there any info on line about it?

    :yesssss:  I hoping that in the morning I should know more. Online? I simply started with histories of Plumas county and newspapers in our area. Portola,49miles east of Reno Nevada. You are the experts,so walk me through this     :unsure:

I only know to gather data. Gather trues and falses and set a target.Go through content
see what comes out on the end... go with your best bet left on the board.
Before now I would do things like this simply because I love any thing contacted w/histories...
And the things that happen within me when in these situations of residule energies,even a sprit or two to hook into to for only the sake of the experience.
I guess you could say i even retired from this when the grands came, I missed this part of me.Do not remember the last time asked for reading or herbal medical care of just us. Sorta hermit-tized myself...


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