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Possiable Ghost hunt in works

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Hey everyone,  I am currently taking some classes at the OK Florist in Summerville SC.  It is located in an old home near the railroad track s just off Main St in Summerville.  Home is Originally thought to have been been the home of a rail road exec.  Anyway the current owner has been telling me about their ghost, and is interested in having an investigation. :Wow:  She hopes to learn more about who ghost is, they believe it to be male and possibly the original owner...unfortunately the records from that time period were destroyed in a fire.  I will keep you posted on any details and suggested time frames for an investigation. 

Great, Lagree! Learn all you can so you can share... :BigGrin:

Sounds great.  It's about time for another investigation.  Guess we better look for our equipment, with all the furniture moving we have done lately, I have no idea where it landed.  :SmileyQmarks:

Sounds good to me, UG.

Possibly while I'm there??? If I make it???


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