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Halloween cruise 2012


I was not sure were to put this.  Anyone interested in going on a Halloween cruise in 2012   :sorciere:.  I hear Carnival does it up right. I plan on going just thought I would through it out there.

Come get your groove on or should I say ghoul on  :9536:   :dancingbunny:  :beer3:

5 Day Bahamas from Jacksonville, FL
Departs from: Jacksonville, FL
Aboard the: Carnival Fascination
Ports of Call: Half Moon Cay, the Bahamas Nassau, the Bahamas
 from $269.00/person as little as $54/night


Sail Dates  Oct 27, 2012

Interior         Ocean View       Balcony      Suites
$269.00        $309.00           $489.00       $579.00  per person

I wish! No $$ for such a trip for me.

bayou girl:
wow.  scott and i are going to try to do that!  i just read this to scott and his response was "book it!"

I'd like to go, too. Bet it would be a blast...:)

Will have to see how it goes between now and then though. This year has been rough on the wallet...:wink5:

I'm always up for a cruise. Unfortunately my finances aren't/


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