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bayou girl:
ok, so i've lived in my house almost 9 years.  i like my house. it is a modular (doublewide) on 5 acres.  i consider myself a "sensitive" or a "communicator" so ghosts, angels, and spirits are a part of my life.  i get that.  but, i've never felt anything other than safe here - no communication or presence at all good or bad, and really never felt anything on my land at all.  except in the cypress bay, i'm guessing something is special about that area, but since that covers the back acre (there are 3 acres - about 200 yards) between the house and the bay, i don't think about or worry about it.  i rarely go back there.  anyway, i digress.

when we moved in, we had a couple of cast iron dutch ovens that we needed somewhere safe to store.

one is oblong, about 10"-12" across and maybe 14" long? that is the one closest to the column.  the other is round, about 10"-12" across.  both have lids turned upside down so they would fit on the space. Both are about 8" deep.  that space is over the cabinets that are over the bar that separates my kitchen from my dining room.  they fit completely without overhang on either side.  the cabinets have glass doors on the other side. so we don't "slam" the cabinet doors, don't want anything falling against the glass doors.  our plates, bowls, and other stuff are stored in those cabinets, so they get opened multiple times a day, but were closed and no one was touching them.

i know you all know how heavy those things are.  Now, the question.

how in the heck did the "little one" the round one jump off it's perch and miss my head by less than 3", hitting the counter in front of the sink, grazing a glass plate with a cake on it sitting on the counter, smooshing the cake a little (maybe a 1"x2" dent) without breaking the plate, and the lid stayed on top of it?!!!! oh, and it left no mark or dent on the counter either, and trust me, these are not top of the line counters.  :yikes: scared the living bejeebers out of me.  I was sitting between Scott and the cabinet, so it wasn't him, matthew and julie were outside smoking, so wasn't them, and the cat was in my bedroom "killing" her catnip mouse.

and if it is a ghost (i am positive it has to be) then why aren't they communicating with me, instead of trying to get my attention the hard way?  i keep my "windows of communication" open (not the doors, too many big bad things can come in that way).

thoughts?  answers?  ideas?  i am still very, very rattled.

oh,and i can touch the bottoms of the pots (like to push them farther onto the space) but not reach them to put them up or pull them down.  scott has to do that or i need a step stool.

Are you sure you haven't gotten so comfortable in the thought that they aren't around, that you've subconsciously closed that window?

I am not sure. But I do know I would no longer put heavy stuff up high where it could land on my or someone else' head. I try not to because I live in quake country anyway.

bayou girl:

--- Quote from: sunsoaker on Sep 19, 2011, 08:16:49 PM ---Are you sure you haven't gotten so comfortable in the thought that they aren't around, that you've subconsciously closed that window?

--- End quote ---
that is a good question barb.  and to be honest, after tonight, i am second guessing that.  but, closing those windows generally require concentrated effort on our part (my family).  ellie and i talk about it often because her illness requires her to close her doors and windows on a regular basis.  i have to be careful not to knock on them.  i don't know how to explain how the windows work except to say they are like open windows with screens on them.  most of the time it keeps the bugs out, but lets everything else in.

which leads me to wonder if it is something that the screen is keeping out?  but i didn't feel any malice.  as i told scott, if it had wanted to hit me, or harm me, it wouldn't have taken much.  shatter the plate.  get my head, hand, whatever.  that pot on my arm from that distance would have put me in a brace at best if not a cast.  maybe a lightening bug wants in? :BigGrin:  rather than a mosquito?

tina, i've never had a problem, and scott checked it out to see if something was "off" there.  it seemed "normal"  when we lived in quake country, we didn't put things up like that either.  but nothing else (including somethings that you'd think would have) fell so i don't think it was a tremor of any kind.

Gosh, that is scary, Jennifer. Those pots could kill you if they hit you... :o

Is there any way the quake the east coast had just a couple weeks ago could have caused them to be unstable up there? :ScratchHead: Just balancing until a breath could make one fall? :unsure:

I sure hope there is a simple explanation somewhere. Poltergeists can be mischievous little devils and wreak havoc around you. I would think it might be a loved one trying to make contact, but it seems that they would try something a little lighter than an iron pot.

It would rattle me a bit, too, if that happened to me. :SmileyNailbiting: Then I would get mad and tell them to get gone because I wouldn't want them "playing" with me...


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