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1st segment of1900's hospital...PUT TO REST....LEAVING SPIRITS A RELEASE

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Some months ago I began a story,that I had hoped would lead to a public ghost hunt,here in the quite little town in which I live,Portola Ca. It consisted of an old Railroad Hospital,that I passed everyday,sometimes many times. Hidden in the trees that surround the old place,memorized by her an having always liked the feel of old places of which hold spirits and their aura's. I would walk and have my morning coffee,unknowing I should not be there. I would feel I was being watched or followed at times,there by the apple tree(my fav tree blossom)small but tasty. Anyway I have put my gethered info and photo together in 4 segments to post seperately,in a three photo slideshow,I will post these so as to add to the supence,every other day. Hope you enjoy my story even if it did not end as I had planed.    

This is the place before her unfortunate end,next comes what happens to her...so sad,and the last will include spirits as they leave the old place. "For Real"...I will show them as they walk right pass me.. do I have you exited????  hysteria  I will post again tomarrow,my own supence is killing me!!!

Cant wait to read more!!

    My story continues with the history of the place known as one of the first of our country's modern medical hospitals to properly care for the injured,an the sick. After the Civil War and World WarI only looming in the background ready to strike,and the railroad now main mode of transportation, it is only logical that better health care would be next in modernizing the country towns beganing all long the railways.
   Thats the end of the history lesson because its the ghosts that remain from those hardships we are after right?    :BigGrin:
The pictures attached to this post is of the newpaper acticle that gave us the bad news that a young man choose to burn our precious hospital    :tapfoot1:  ....to the ground!! The only thing remaining,was the steps leading into the main porch of her front doors. To add to the sadness is the big fact that this place after years of trying,had received the news that she was the only,one of those applying for restoration as a historical land mark,had been approved to begin the first possilbe chance in our upcoming new year.   :crying:   She was to be recrowned to her glory as a Musumn.
 So without further 'ado...read of her ashes being all that remains of the statue on the hill,following segment comes what we are waiting for .....'THE GHOSTLY SPIRITS' ....iand than will come the conclusition of this place I miss dearly already. I am hoping that our park idea will be approved for talks at the next town meeting.         
The last picture is of the back grounds,I am looking for my shots of the apple trees for next post to be included.Until tonite if I can, if not tomarrow...than its ghost time!!!

Jim HELP I seem to have posted the reportfrom newpaper in a way no one can see or be able read how to i fix it so all can read as planed???????    :thpullhairout:


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