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some kind of understory tree

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bayou girl:
three different views

this is some cuttings that are laying on the ground in the sun

this is all the same plant.  it doesn't have much of a scent.  but it has very pretty flowers!

I do not know. Are the blooms scented at all?

bayou girl:
i could not smell much of one.  i don't know if it was because there wasn't one or if it was because it was overpowered by the honey suckle near by.  the last picture shows the leaves best.  it reminded me of spirea but was more tree like than bush like.

Could it have been cut to tree form and that is why it wasn't a bush? :unsure:

bayou girl:
No, this is natural growth. Jimmy has a green thumb, but not a lot of interest.  His idea of cutting back is to cut to the trunk or cut it down and see if it will grow back.


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