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bayou girl:
I have a fig tree that I need to plant.  I need some good advice for a setting for it.  full sun, partial sun, will it survive partial sun, etc.  i know, i can (and will)  look this up but i want y'all's opinion too!

It prefers full sun. But it can survive and maybe thrive in sun half the day.

We have fig trees that came with the house.  They are beautiful trees and I love it when they start getting their leaves every year.  They all do very well.  They are all in full sun.  We have never watered any of them and they have never wilted.  So gorgeous.

Fig trees are so pretty. I am not sure why we don't have any here... :unsure:

Jen, did you get them planted?  Ours are leafing and they're so pretty.


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