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Southern Spirit Hunters - 1 year old

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--- Quote from: Patty S on Jul 29, 2007, 02:01:54 AM --- :idea: Well I was sorta thinking along the lines of you springing for plane tickets (or gas money, for the non-flyers) so we could all get together & celebrate!  Maybe while we're at it, we could pick corn for you, help Dianna with her canning, do a little weeding... & give your pool chemicals a run for their money! :Whis:

--- Quote ---Aunt Bonnie mentioned a cemetery vigil but the 30th is on Monday and I have to work that day.
--- End quote ---

So, who wants to hang around a cemetary during the day, anyway? :nutz: (You don't "work" nights, big guy, other than doing stuff around here, which, BTW, you don't need to bother trying to explain it to us... unless you really want to!) :kissies:

Folks do things like having National Days of Prayer, Great American Smoke-Outs & stuff like that all the time... so if you think it's too late for you to buy plane tickets/send gas money, hows about we each just go to a cemetary of our choosing (about an hour after dark on Monday) & do vigil stuff & maybe try some astral projection/bilocating, then report back here during the week if we run across each other? :Glee: :laughmao:

--- End quote ---

We thought about the plane tickets and gas money for 1 fleeting second, then decided not to do it.  We got the pool instead.  :rofl1:

I like the idea about the cemetery. 

We sure are enjoying that pool, too! ;)

by Jim:

--- Quote ---Maybe we could all get in the Spirit Lounge on Monday about 8 PM and  :beer3:  a few.
--- End quote ---

If we are all planning on meeting in the SL tonight, is 8:00 our time (EST) or the west coast time (PST)? Might be only able to share one drink if it is PST time...

I, too, like the cemetery idea! That is one way we could all experience something with the spirit side of the forum, with us living all so far apart. :ThumbUp: Might need to schedule that for a weekend night, though...

Jim and Dianna...I want you to know that I really appreciate the work both of you have put into this forum. it truely does feel like "home".

You both were (and are) wonderfully welcoming and positive, though things are not always easy. I love your attitudes.

Please do keep up the great work! :Glee:


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