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How Do I Start Cuttings Of My Cacti?

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I have a Thanksgiving, Easter, and Christmas cactus and I am wondering how to start cuttings off of them to pot. They are very good houseplants for me because they seem to like neglect... :wink5:

Take a cutting from them and neglect it. At least a couple of days until the cut dries up. Pot the cuttings an inch or a little less in a good cactus medium and return to your neglectful mode. They may need a touch more watering than your mother plants. About a month later, check to see if they have begun to form roots. Or are just rotting on you.
Good luck.

Thank you, Tina. :NewHug: Do I cut them at the joints or in the middle of the leaves?

In the leaf is best, Dianna.

My friend gave me a cutting of her Aloe plant and just like Tina said let it dry then plant. I just did dirt and it took off in fact we did that with the christmas one too :)

Mine finally flowered the other day!! lol It too is neglected above my kitchen sink!


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