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So far I've got kolrabi and tomatoes planted. 

The kolrabi is mostly in potting soil.  Mostly for the moisture retention beads in it.  I find that stuff in pots really dries out quickly. 

The tomatoes are two plants a Juliette hybrid and a big boy.  I'm only doing one of each.  They are in the tire raised beds with about a 75% compost 25% garden soil mix. 

I'm thinking about some shard or possible romaine in a planter but I haven't decided yet.  I know I'd better get a move on.

I may have missed the lettuce growing season since it keeps hitting 80 around here.  But, I did buy two sweet peppers today and planted them in the two tires above the tomato plants.  Hopefully they will do well.  Again this are 75% compost to 25% garden soil. 

I missed the radishes since they like to start out when it is still chilly.  Maybe next year I can pull it off.  I'll have to prep the garden for them in the fall or it will be to hard when it is time to plant.  So much planning is required and I'm not as good at it as I assumed I would be.

I've got butter lettuce, squash, tomatoes, cucumbers, egg plant, bush beans, carrots, beets, radishes.  I'm concerned about the heat already too duh.  The lettuce is a pretty good size but not big enough to eat and the radishes are up but not enough to pull.  I hope it cools a bit.

I usually plant bell peppers but since I end up giving them away I didn't plant any this year.  Have you planted in tires before?  I tried the potatoes in tires one year and it was a lot of work for little results.

Is there an herb thread?

I've put the tomatoes and peppers in tires before.  But this is the first time with my homemade compost.  Each year seems like a new experience for me.  I'm hopeful but I have more respect for farmers than I ever have before. 

If I ever get an overabundance of peppers I'll blanch them and then freeze them.  I love having stuffed peppers, pepper steak, hashbrowns obrien...

duh:,4148.50.html  it's a little off topic but this is the link to the herbs thread. 


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