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Well the early blueberries have been eaten.  Now the blackberries are ripening.  I picked about a cup this morning in the rain for a friend.  I really need to figure out a wire fence for them so they are easier to harvest. 
Then in late summer I'll have a couple of pears.  It's a start. 

I have decided to try grapes again.

what kind of grapes are you going to try?

I bought blueberries at the grocery store the other day and threw them away because they didn't have any taste.  I bought some NC blueberries at the farmers market and they're yummy.

My blackberries are bitter as can be this year.  I'm not sure they're going to sweeten up at this point.

I gave the ones that I harvested away.  I may have to keeps some of the second harvest and see what they taste like. 


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