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summer blooms 2013

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bayou girl:
I figured I'd put all my daylilies and other blooms in one place, and get y'all to share what is surviving the heat in your area.  (or water as in the case of barb and i).

i have 4 different daylily varieties.

this one i didn't know i had until it started blooming

this one only cost $1.50.  it's called buttercup.

another new one

i think i posted this lousy picture before, this is the one matthew tried to kill (thought it was a weed)

and my $5 rose bush (another clearance special :BigGrin: )

and yes, that is pretty close to the true colors on all of them.


lovely.  Buttercup is my favorite.

bayou girl:
do you have day lilies sheri?

I can't post anything because I can't add my personal programs to the library computer.  That would be wrong.

I have 2 day lilies a yellow one and the ditch lilies.  Then I have one asian lily and one clump of blackberry lilies. 


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