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Been Busy, little extra time for the computer, but I may have a ghost investigation in the works.  New employee lives in home that they say is haunted.  She lives with her Mother sio i told her to get permission from her and we would set up at time to do one.  Sounds like it would be a good one from the stories she told me, but I will keep that to myself to avoid any bias.   House in in Goose Creek SC.  I will be back with more details.


Welcome home, Lagree

Welcome back Lagree.  Sounds great!  It has definitely been some time since we have dusted off the old ghost hunting equipment.  Keep us posted and we can work out the details.  Looking forward to it.

We have permission from the Home owner, anytime is fine with them.  they have actually wanted to do this for awhile according to them.  So lets start a plan.

Sounds great.  We'll call Bonnie tonight and then call you to work out the details.  I still have your number in my phone.


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