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7 Reasons Why You Attract Mosquitoes...

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I might have to get some oregano oil capsules for this summer then. I sure don't like those buzzards feasting on me.... :Whack:

Did I tell you guys that I got some oregano oil, not in capsules, and when I put a tiny bit on a Qtip had an asthma attack?  Did it to myself 3 times because I couldn't believe it.  I could get capsules and put the oil in the capsules and try it that way but I'm not gonna.

Don't mess with that stuff, Sheri.

bayou girl:

--- Quote from: Tina on Apr 25, 2014, 09:20:12 PM ---Don't mess with that stuff, Sheri.

--- End quote ---
i agree.  an asthma attack signals something wrong. but you know that.


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