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7 Reasons Why You Attract Mosquitoes...

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bayou girl:
they don't like me much anymore.  not as much as others. i think it is the meds i'm taking.

Be glad these don't like you.  We have lots of them around the house now.  These are African Asian Tiger Mosquitoes.  They don't buzz to let you know they are around like the smaller ones do.  

This one got in my truck last night when we got home and rode with me to work today.  I knew he wouldn't make it long in the closed up truck with the heat index reaching 100+.  Of course the penny is there for a size reference.

These are some big skeeters!

Dang thats huge, just the small here as far as I know.

My understanding is the big ones don't carry the diseases the smaller ones do. But they certainly do bite!



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