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Some of us just aren't handy.  I'm one of those.  Here is the latest Demon.

I decided to have two rods in my closet since there is plenty of height in that part of the house.  So I had the contractor install an overhead light.  Then I bought some cedar planks that would provide additional support for the rods.  And everything went to pot from there.  First the 1x8 planks aren't 1x8.  Second the lady choose plants that were beat up on the sides.  I mean snag heaven just waiting to happen.  Third your going to laugh, I didn't realize that the circular cutter bit for the drill would cut out a disc but wouldn't let go of it automatically.  You should have seen me trying to cut the second hole and getting nowhere fast.  Fourth I had to cut the metal pole for the second rod.  Would not cut with my jigsaw.  So back to the hardware store I went.  Got the blades for metal, got home they weren't the right kind for my black and decker.  So I go to my local store for the right blades they don't stock them.  So back to the other store to exchange the blades and finally home to cut the pole...i cut it 4 inches to short.  Measure twice...with me I'd better try for 3 out of 4.  So I buy a wooden dowel at the second place I try and have it cut the correct length.  Got it home and it's to big around by a smidgin.  I'm thinking the circle cutter to thin it down or would the drill get stuck and refuse to come out?  Something has to work right?

And after this I want to do the under cabinet shelf?  Am I Crazy?

You are not crazy. You are learning.

At least you try.  I would never even attempt to do some of the stuff you do.  I can't screw in a screw straight.  True.

bayou girl:
try coarse sandpaper to rub the ends down.  it will be slow, but sure, and you won't mess it up.  and no, you aren't crazy, tina said it, you are just learning.

Thankfully, Sheri, I can screw just fine.  I just can't draw anything, including stick people.  Don't ask me how I manage to write because my drawing is so bad you'd wonder if I ever held a writing utensil before. 

I would definitely second Jen's idea of just sanding the ends of dowels down to size.  That way you can get it perfect and don't have to worry about making it too small.


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