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Sealing the Driveway

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150 dollars later  I have the sealer for the driveway.  Now I just have to pay for the pressure washer and randy to do the work.  I'm so glad he is around.

I am very glad you have some help there, Tammy.

Now I have to wait for mother nature.  It's to cold to do the work.  Isn't it always something?

Now I have to get the tile for the kitchen.  I got the flooring, and the vanity for the kitchen.  With the transition pieces.  I hope I have chosen well since I plan to live with it the rest of my life.

I got out there and sprayed the round up weed killer 365 and it immediately rained.  That stuff is 35.00 per bottle.  Ugh.  And getting a different type of tar for the cracks along with the weed eater costs another 85 dollars in change.  I'm going broke fast.

as in really immediately?  cuz my container says it's rain protected in 10 minutes.


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