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My first cinnamon basil got frost bit so I went back and got another pot of them.  It had three plants in it and I separated them and am keeping them all indoors.

I trimmed back the rosemary bush that got frozen and it's still alive but leggy.  I'm trying to figure out if I want to pull it up and start over or wait and see.

duh, there IS a common thyme.  For whatever reason Lowe's and other places where I live only sell the German thyme as a plant.  I found some seeds for common thyme.  I've read that thyme is hard to get to grow from seeds so I don't know about this.  I just didn't like the German thyme flavor or smell.

Wait and see, Sheri. If it comes back from the roots, that will be so much healthier than trying a new one. It means those roots are tough.  

Good idea Tina.  It's probably 8-10 years old.  The last snow was the problem.


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