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So far this spring the daffodils, anenomies, forsynthia, Chinese Lanterns and one lone tulip have flowered for the spring.  Next month I'm looking forward to the peonies.  Now I just have to figure out what to put in the garden for the summer.  Something drought tolerant. 

bayou girl:
the daffodils, tulip poplar (aka tulip magnolia), tea olives, carolina jessamine, wisteria, and most of the fruit trees have finished blooming.  now we have roses, azaleas (although they are almost done), and other stuff... i just don't remember very well.

I know what you mean about remembering.

Here are some pictures.

Periwinkles I think

My one and only tulip this year.

Phlox it is slowly creeping

And then there are these

Weeds or Wildflowers

A Cherry on the Cherry Tree

An Orange Primrose that I really liked the color of

And some more...

The escaping lily of the valley

The Dogwood that is crowding the cypress.

This is either the Honesty or the Chinese Lanterns


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