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This is my one planned heirloom quilt.  I have spent ooodles of money on fancy fabrics.  I have embroidered one 14 inch peacock with a couched, rhinestone studded, eyelash yarn tail like the one on the internet.  It's nice.  Now I am working on the owl block  it is 8 inches.  This one I am giving myself 3 years to finish.  I hope to be done before the next quilt show in the spring of 2019.  That is if I live that long. 

I will try to get pictures of these blocks even if they are on the photo book website.  I haven't taken a picture in a while. 

I did get the rest of the head of the owl done last night.  It's a fight every step of the way because I choose a painted picture of the owl as the inspiration and I just don't agree with it.  So choosing every strand of floss is a battle.  How could something so simple be so hard right?

And I expect the next embroidered block to be even worse.  And I only gave myself three years to do this one. 

Don't struggle with it, Tammy. Try approaching it with peace and happiness.

You have never seen me craft have you.  Peace and Happiness really don't come into it until I am done in most cases.  If it happens then.  I'm kind of a struggle and tussle type.

The head of the owl is done, yea!

I put things away that I have to struggle with until I'm in a better frame of mind. if I have to fight it every step, I'm not going to enjoy it.


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