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Thank heaven Marley has volunteered to help me get going on this one again.  I need the help. 

I believe that I'm on block 7 or 8.  I've cut all the pieces and pinned them together.  I just don't remember how they go.  Then the sashing has me baffled. 

We wll work on it the 9th of January.

well we will start on this on tuesday.  I'm looking forward to it.

bayou girl:
good luck

Thank you.  I've finally figured out a possible quilt pattern for it.  Now it is up to Marilyn as to weather she uses it or not.  I've got my fingers crossed that people will want to work on it so it gets done faster.

well I did get some help which is great.  But there were more members there than normal and someone had donated a bunch of fabric so most were sorting and taking up any of the tables I set up for my project.  I never did get my sewing machine set up.  We did get all the half square triangles sewn and I finished cutting them up last night.  Today I got them all ironed and now I'm headed off to square them up. 


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