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I think we need a new one. 

Have you guys read Burial Rites?  It's her first novel, based on truth, and very good.

bayou girl:
i have not.  i read a book recently that was making the rounds, and was going to post about it, because i couldn't get into the first chapter, but i forgot, now i don't know the name of it.  i've been doing a lot of light reading, things along the lines of debbie macomber's cedar cove series...

bayou girl:
have you read the book "i work at a public library" ?  it's really good. full of funny stories and i recognized about half of the characters in the book.

and on a side note, do any of you use any of the "free e-book" services?

Are you talking about on Amazon?  I've got a kindle full of free ebooks from Amazon that I haven't read.  A lot of Poirot.

reading the Painted Veil right now.  I think I've read it before.  Really good.


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