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I decided to redo my downstairs bathroom back in October.  Had me a yellow vanity cabinet made (love it), went to Majestic Bath and ordered all my hardware, sink and mirror.  Then Kohler went out on strike.  Who does that anymore.  Tired of waiting, last month I went to Lowe's and had a terrible time but picked out other stuff that I didn't like as much and isn't nearly as cool.  Thankfully we're waiting on Mr. Rape to come and do a little trim work and the stuff is still in the trunk of my car because Johnny got a call and came home with the sink and faucet.  Still waiting on the cabinet knobs

bayou girl:
when i think of kohler, i think of bathroom fixtures.  but someone told me that they also make the best generators on the market.


Can't wait to see the pictures... :)

The counter top was scheduled for today but they're closed due to weather so it will be Monday.


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