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where do I find brown bean sauce and tomato coloring?

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These are two ingredients called for in chinese roast pork slices.  A dish I love and haven't been able to find in a restaurant in ages.  I'd like to get it locally rather than on the internet.  I've been hacked to often in recent years.

As mentioned in another post I found a recipe for chinese roast pork slices.  Now if I can just find a recipe for the harvest bread from a gorge town eatery I'll be happy.  That is if I can have any of it after I find it with the diabetes.

What recipes are you looking for?

Chee hou sauce = che hau sauce = chu hou paste   Shopping hints:   This braising sauce is made from soybeans, garlic, and ginger.  Look for it in the condiments section of Asian markets. Substitutes: hoisin sauce (Very similar, but less spicy.)
For tomato coloring I'm not sure. I have tomato powder and I would use something like that or even ketchup depending on how much is called for.

Thank you Tina.  Sounds like hoisin is the way to go.  I see it at places I regularly shop.  It called for chili sauce as a substitute but I didn't care for that.

Yes, I like milder when it comes to spices too.


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