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I Carry A Gun!

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This video is the best by far at telling the story about why the 2nd Amendment is so important today. 

Very cool! Thanks Jim. This is one of the tings I believe in.

Yes, me too.  It never ceases to amaze me what the media tries to do.  They should inform using the facts as this video does instead of trying to make the reader believe that their point-of-view is the only logical one.  There are so many so-called professional journalist that only state the facts that further their cause instead of presenting all the facts and letting the reader draw their own conclusions.

yes. I was born and live in an anti-gun state but I never bought into the crap.

"LIKE"  The only reason I personally don't have a gun is that I can't control one (tremors) My daughter has a concealed carry permit - and does carry. My son-in law has many rifles and a hand gun. So I'm pretty safe in that respect.


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