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Jim and Dianna's Shooting Range Build (lots of photos)

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Couldn't decide where to put this but shooting has become a hobby I guess so might as well put it right here.

Anyway we decided late last year that we would utilize some of the space in our back field for a shooting range.  It started out as an idea so that we could practice with our pistols after getting our concealed carry permits.  It's grown a bit since then.  I decided I wanted an AR-15 and of course would need a place to shoot that too so we decided to make the range large enough to accommodate rifles as well as pistols. 

I was talking to my son about it and he mentioned he had a friend that built roads and that he could get me a load of dirt pretty cheap.  Around here most everyone shoots into a pile of dirt because we don't have many hills.  The dang land is just too flat.  So I had one load of dirt delivered and soon decided that I would need at least one more.  So now I have two loads of dirt in the back field.

I built one target stand that you can see laying down so that the wind doesn't take it.  Still have wood to build another so 2 shooters can shoot at the same time.  Here are a few closer pics of the target stands:

I still wasn't comfortable with just the dirt piles so I have decided to build a back wall and two sides.  I'll then push the dirt back into the 3 walled box as best I can and can be assured that nothing is going to get through.  I'm building the walls of the box out of old railroad cross ties.  They were delivered this past week in a dump truck and just basically dumped out.  I've got a total of 35 to work with.

We have a range work-day scheduled for early September in that both our sons are coming down and a few friends to help with the lifting and building of the walls.  The cross ties weigh close to 200 lbs each and are 10' long.  Too much for me to lift. 

I'll add more as we get more completed.

Looking good, Jim. Hills are not a problem here. Straw bales are used a lot for back walls. Most of my neighbors have a shooting or archery range or  both. Good luck!

Straw works good for archery but not so good for shooting firearms.  The bullet will go right through straw.

The robust back wall that I am building is definitely overkill but I feel safer and so will my neighbors.  My range is actually pointed toward my neighbors property.  It's right at the back of the property but is better than pointing toward the woods that might be sold and a house be built there.

Yes, like I said, There's no end to natural hillsides here. And the straw is much nicer for arrow retrieval.

Safety first, then enjoy and have fun.

Non serious note: you will be better off then me when it comes to a zombie outbreak.


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