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I am starting the chick next. on Charity Quilt 12.

Good going Tammy.

#11 Charity Quilt:  Diamonds in a Square.  The pictures didn't take.  It is always something.

#11 Charity Quilt: Diamonds in a Square.  It has been turned in so I can't do anything about not getting a picture.  i'll just have to live with it.

#12 Charity Quilt:  French Farm.  I did the other sheep block.  So now I just have the other rabbit block and the borders to do.  It is progressing nicely.

Finished the rabbit block.  It isn't the best one of the bunch.  Now I've chosen the border quilt pattern and I'm practicing it in my sketchbook.  I'm not sure about it but i'm going to try it.


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