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What I used to never do.  But I've started.

I'm making a box (duncan hines) Pumpkin shaped mandarin orange and spice cake,  French Vanilla Filling, and Cream Cheese frosting.  The second cake is cooling.  The frosting and filling are made and just waiting their turn to be added to this halloween treat.  I'm taking it to the meeting today.  I plan to wear my feather mask too.  We'll see if I chicken out.

I hope you have lots of fun, Tammy.

I forgot the mask.  the filling made the cake slippery and it wouldn't stay together.  Teach me why the professionals use skewers.  So I took half of it to the meeting.  It was well received and people were even willing to take some home for later.  Now I have half a large bowl of cream cheese frosting left over.  Any ideas?

Do you have any more meetings this week?

I plan to go to one tomorrow and taking the bottom of the cake.  i guess after that I'll have to make cupcakes.


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