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scalloped potatoes (for dianna)

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bayou girl:
Dianna, I don't actually measure, but this is about as close as I can get to the actual recipe:

enough potatoes to fill the pan you are using by 2/3.  generally, for scott and i, i use 4-5 medium potatoes so that we have leftovers.  i peel and slice (unless they are red skin/thin skin, then i just scrub and slice).  then in a sauce pan, put a stick of butter, salt to taste, and add about 1/4-1/3 c flour.  stir like you are making flour gravy.  then add about 2 cups of milk.  i usually start with about a cup and a half, and go up if i need to.  i stir the milk into the butter/flour slowly so that it won't lump up.  just like making gravy.  when it is mixed well, and nice and runny, i pour it over the potatoes. if there isn't enough to cover the potatoes, i just pour more milk over the top.

then - either bake at 350 for about an hour (check after 40 minutes and every 10 minutes there after, OR put in the microwave.  my microwave lets me put up to 3 temp settings in at once.  so i do a few minutes (3 or 4) on high, the 7 or 8 on medium, and 6 minutes on medium high.  sometimes i mix it up, but that's about the base.  if the potatoes are not done when the time is up, i do it again.

the edges of the pan will brown and crisp, whether you do it in the microwave or the oven.  enjoy!

sounds good!

Believe it or not, I actually have this recipe committed to memory. Peel and slice taters (wash), (I also add diced/saute'd onion); make a rue: 3 tbsp butter, 3 tbsp flour; Slowly add 3 cups of milk and cook until it starts thickening, stirring constantly to prevent burning/scorching. Then pour over taters and bake @ 350 until done. Taters fairly soft and top will be browned/edges crunchy.

Jen's has a lot more butter in it and a bit more flour.  Also note, I add saute'd diced ham in with mine and when doing that I just saute the onion with the ham. Just add salad and its a meal. Yummy.


Gosh, that sounds so good, Jennifer. Thank you. And thank you, Barb, for adding your recipe too. I will be trying both. :)

So, basically the sauce is a thin milk gravy poured over the potatoes? Sounds simple enough that I could do it without messing it up. :D


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