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Hurricane Florence

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Thought I would open a topic for the hurricane that is heading toward the east coast.  Probably should have done this earlier, but I guess I was hoping it would turn away and not be any news at all.

Aunt Bonnie evacuated to our house on Monday night as she was in the mandatory evacuation area. 

We have been watching the changing forecast every day to determine our best action plan and right now we are planning on staying here.  We do expect 6-9 inches of rain in the next 2 days and that may create some flooding issues around us as it has in the past.  Additionally we expect some pretty good wind gust starting late this evening.

I have a generator if we lose power that I can connect to the house and selectively power some of the essentials; like keeping the refrigerator running, fans and lights.  We will fill both bath tubs with water later tonight for some extra water.  I should be able to power the well pump if we need more and the power is out for an extended time.

We are shutting the plant down today.  I'll be heading home in about 2 hours and not have to be back at work till Monday morning.  Of course that is if the plant has power.  I'll get reports from various people all weekend on the status of the plant and power.

Anyway we are about as ready as we can be and will be glad when it is over.

Latest track as of 8:00 AM 9/13

Sure hope you all are safe. How far are you guys from the projected path?

Would be nice if it headed east and dies out.

Add: I've been watching and other cams.

Glad you let us know your plans. Please keep us updated. William, they are in that cone but not on the coastline.

Because the path keeps changing, itís hard to say. Right now the projected path is about 25 miles north of us. Also itís downgraded to a tropical storm by the time it gets to us. Still, Iím not looking forward to 50 mph gust or higher.

I had to work on my generator this afternoon because it wouldnít start. I had some old gas in there and it wasnít level. I got it going though.

Iím home now till Monday. We expect to start seeing rain and wind tomorrow afternoon.


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