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Hurricane Michael

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Well, here is the next storm that we need to watch.  Looks like it has the potential to be a bad one with it coming on shore as a cat 3.  Barb, looks like it's heading toward you and then cutting through Georgia and on to South Carolina.  The forecast center track looks like it's right over Sumter when it gets here.

We should know more by tomorrow morning.

I was already off on Thursday and Friday but not sure what the plant is going to do.  Thursday looks to be the worse day for us.

Yes, it is supposed to come in here as a cat 3. I will be at chip's folks in a well built house. I'm worried about our trailers. They are both sitting on our lot and neither are currently tied down. Hope they survive.

Yes I would be concerned about that as well.  We are suppoxed to get tropical storm force winds and I'm even nervous about that.  Hope everything remains intact and you have no issues.  Here is the projected track:

Praying for you, Barb. We are reading that it is coming in to Panama City. Makes me nervous for you. :pray:

Yes looking like like a direct hit, and possibly a Cat 4 at landfall. Its gonna get bad. But we'll be ok. Stuff can be replaced.


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