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News - Purging of inactive members

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On June 28 I sent an email out to 15 of our members that had not been back to the forum for 90 or more days.  Most of these members had not even posted an introduction. 

Tonight I deleted all 15 as not one decided to visit the forum to see what had changed.  :tickedoff:

In order to remain an "active" member you must visit the forum at least every 90 days.

I will be doing this purge monthly.  :compose:

I think this is a very good idea. A lot of times people will join a forum to see if they are really interested in what the forum is about, then they decide that is not what they wanted and don't post. At least this way, we can maintain a more accurate membership list. :ThumbUp:

 :ThumbUp: I totally agree!! I sure hope the sites that I have not visited in the last 90 days delete me.. If I ever needed to go back I could always re-register  :ThumbUp:

I sent out an email tonight to 7 additional members that have not posted or been back to the forum for 90 days and 2 of the emails bounced.  To remain a member on this forum we must have a valid email address. 

These 2 members were deleted.

love dat word..."purge"  :rofl1: :laughmao:
I need to purge some freeloaders too :Loser: :Whis:


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