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Info - Messengers....Yahoo or Msn?


Aunt Bonnie, Jim, and I often get on here at the same time and communicate while we are reading the topics. We use MSN Messenger for any that are interested in chatting in real time...

My name is fallenangeldianna at MSN.

It is karaoke_angel_too at Yahoo.

Anyone wanna chat while reading the forum? For safety's sake and to foil the spambots, make sure when you post your id that you use at instead of @...


Yep, of course the board does allow PMs and you can set them so they pop open a new window.  Of course you may have to set your browser to allow popups from this site for that to work.  You shouldn't get any other popups so that's safe enough.  In your formun settings you can have PMs emailed to you also.

On MSN I'm kt4jk at msn

Yahoo is  jimsc04

I hardly ever open yahoo, so MSN is your best bet with me.

I would love to talk to either one of you about the things you have discovered... I told my old man about this place and he is exstatic. We knew there was people interested in "Ghost Hunting" but could never find anyone to get advice from on getting started. What kind of equipment other than microcassets.. All the basics, things you kind of need to know. So now he is really excited cause there is someone we can get advice from or share findings with!!! ;D

Anyways lol back to the subject at hand:

Yahoo: litbrat_69
MSN: same as yahoo

I hope you wouldn't mind giving some newbies some tips???


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