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Forum Guidelines - New Members Read These First


Southern Spirit Hunters Posting Guidelines

In order to encourage the comfortable flow of information, we need to agree on some standards for this Community. We want you to be an active and valuable part of the discussion boards, so we ask you to adhere to these guidelines.

* 1.  All posts should reflect a friendly manner in both language and tone.
*     a. Profanity and abusive language are completely out of bounds.  You can challenge others' ideas without attacking them personally.
*     b. Avoid "shouting" (typing with ALL CAPS!).
*     c. Do not infringe on the rights of others by using threatening, abusive, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, divisive or otherwise objectionable activity or language.
*     d. Do not conduct yourself in such a way that restricts or inhibits any other member from using or enjoying any of the forums.

* 2. You are responsible for whatever you post on these discussion boards. Here are some protective guidelines:
*     a. Avoid posting any copyrighted material.
*     b. Let's keep the Community a discussion area not a marketplace. To protect the integrity of the discussions, we cannot allow you to promote, sell, or give away products or services, even if free. This also means soliciting or fund-raising of any kind is prohibited, even for good causes.
*     c. Avoid advertising and spamming (sending unsolicited e-mail) to people who visit these message boards.
*     d. Harvesting of e-mail addresses is prohibited.
*     e. Each participant in these boards is responsible for not spreading viruses or sending objectionable content through e-mail to other participants.
*     f. Posts that appear argumentative, sarcastic or divisive may be deleted without discussion.
*     g. Please don't copy the same post to another area of the Community or site. While it is preferred that members provide links to personal or preferred Web sites within the appropriate areas in their profile pages, you are free to post a link to your Web site in the Community, as long as you do not repeatedly and excessively post the same link over and over again.
*     h. All posts are subject to the review of the administrator or moderators. We reserve the right to remove any post for any reason.  Please note that moderation of forums may include moving posts to the appropriate area if misplaced, "featuring" particularly interesting or popular posts, and removing posts from view if inappropriate.

* 3. The Internet is a public place, so protect yourself by not posting personal information (phone numbers, addresses, etc.) You may choose whether or not your e-mail address is visible in your personal profile (viewable only by members).
*     a. Never represent yourself as someone you're not.  Multiple accounts for the same individual are prohibited!
*     b. Our moderators and staff are not trained or licensed professional consultants, although they and other members may have a variety of valid and valuable insights. If you are looking for professional help for a problem, we encourage you to seek out a professional consultant or technician in your area.

* 4. These discussion boards are not monitored in real time, but as we learn of a problem, we may take steps to correct it. Help us by using the Report button (on each post) to notify us of potential problem posts on the site. If you have to report something, please tell us why you're reporting it. This will give us the ability to take action quickly.

* 5. If you have an opposing opinion, speak your thoughts in kindness. Make sure posts contain as much information as possible to allow others to really communicate with you and help you. Organize your thoughts before you begin to type in your message. You can also add "smileys" of your choice when you post your new topic or reply. The bottom line is, be a good communicator. We want everyone to get as much help and friendship from these boards as possible.

* 6. Know your moderators. While they will not have answers to all your questions, they desire to help whenever possible. Moderators attempt to monitor violations of the Community guidelines and keep the Community vibrant and alive. You can spot a moderator because their posts will include their title as moderator and, in many cases, their photo.

* 7. This community was born out of a desire to provide a place for everyone to share their experiences and learn about ghost hunting, paranormal activity and most recently gardening. We hope you enjoy posting here and benefit from our site. Tell your friends about us.

Thank you!

SSH Team

Effective immediately, new members MUST post an intro topic in the Welcome Wagon within 7 days.  This also applies to any members that have a zero post count and have been a member for longer than 7 days.

Failure to post an intro within 7 days will result in account deletion.


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