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Windows is not a good housekeeping operating system.  When you install programs and then uninstall them at some later date, I would just about bet there are remnants of that program left on your hard drive.  Windows leaves traces of your online activities all over your hard drive in the form of cookies.  I think most of you would be surprised how much space is taken up by unused programs and files that are left behind when you delete or uninstall something.  

What can you do?  Try this nifty little application - CCleaner (formerly known as CrapCleaner).  It removes unused files from your system - allowing Windows to run faster and freeing up valuable hard disk space.  You can also use it to uninstall stubborn files that for some reason you can't uninstall and you can also manage your cookies from within CCleaner.

This is a great little utility.  I use it about once a week and highly recommend it.  And yes, believe it or not it is FREE.  Here is the link if you are interested in trying CCleaner .  If you have trouble using it, post some questions and I will try to put up some screen-shots.

Thanks Jim because of you I have downloaded a lot tonight and did some serious cleaning.

Good to hear Jimmy.  The big pay-off here is when you see a definite increase in speed because of getting rid of all that junk.

Somewhere in here, I read a tutorial on how to delete programs like McAfee of of my computer. Now I cannot find it. I figured the new year was a good time to clean stuff up.

That is what I have been doing all morning Cleaning the crap off my computer .. It is already faster ... even though I have 3 programs running  :thx: for the link Jim I think I will like this program  :ThumbUp:


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