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Quails Nest Outing - Huger, SC

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This outing was Saturday, 18 Aug.  The house is in the process of being renovated.  Dianna, Aunt Bonnie, Trent (AB grandson) and I arrived at the house at approximately 9:20. 

We were not able to find out any history by searching tax records or on-line resources.  We decided to go to the house due to comments made by some of the folks that are renovating the house.  These comments described incidents of doors being closed after being propped open, doors slamming, and a feeling of someone watching or a presence.  That was enough for us to pack up and head out.  We didn't need too much of an excuse.  :grinnnn:

We all had cameras, EMF indicators, infrared thermometers, and some digital-voice recorders(DVR). 

The house was 3BR, small kitchen and a great room.  We set our equipment down in the great room and fanned out from there.  Everyone began snapping pictures in the hopes of getting something in one of the shots.  I think Trent was the first to get an orb.  It appeared, just viewing it on his camera to be a dust orb.  Probably stirred up when we came in.

Dianna and I went to one of the small bedrooms that was the location of one of the incidents.  We took our cameras; Dianna had the EMF indicator and I had a DVR.  Dianna got some stray indications on the EMF so we both snapped pictures and I turned on the DVR and asked if there was anyone here to give us a sign or to say something.  With all the renovation that had been taking place, there was lots of debri and dust so walking around created lots of opportunities for dust orbs.  We got lots of noise on the DVR too but nothing distinguishable as a voice or otherwise.

We all walked around as quietly as possible and snapped lots of photos.  I only had one photo that had anything remotely curious and I will post it for everyone to see in a reply shortly. 

The only incident that got our hopes up after arriving at the house was about 20 minutes after we arrived.  All the dogs in the neighborhood started barking and howling. 

None of us "felt" anything as we entered the house so we ended the outing after approximately 1 hour. 

I think we all got some orbs but the majority appear to be dust orbs.  They are still interesting to look at so feel free to analyze and tell us your opinions.

This is the only orb I got in all the pics I took.  If you enlarge it just a bit the texture of the orb takes on a pretty familiar face.  Do you see it?  One thing to look for, is it transparent?  If it is, you can almost bet it is dust!

Here are my dust orbs:

We were very disappointed in the experience. :( We were all hyped up and figured we would be there for a while. We stayed an hour and didn't have anything that interested us enough to keep us there any longer, so we packed up all the equipment and left the dust to settle by itself...

Jim, yours doesn't look transparent to me. I can't tell on your Dianna. I don't have the software to enlarge it without totally distorting it.

So Jim, is lack of transparency the sign that its a true orb?

Barb, I'm sorry. I put the wrong links in there. ::) I should have put the originals. Is that better?


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