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Quails Nest Outing - Huger, SC

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--- Quote from: sunsoaker on Aug 20, 2007, 09:58:21 PM ---So Jim, is lack of transparency the sign that its a true orb?

--- End quote ---

No, it's just one factor that you consider. 

Keep in mind that a dust orb is a really small piece of dust that is closer to the lens than the subject that you are focusing on and the flash being so close to the lens causes the orb.  It's light reflecting back and in most cases if the flash was further from the lens, you would never see it.  Transparent and with concentric rings, you can bet it's dust or moisture.  Small droplets of water can give you the same affect.

These are some pictures that I took outside. They have a whole bunch of dusties, but no ghosties.

This one appears to have a face in it, but still a dustie.

There is a small orb in the middle of the left window, but I think it is a reflection.

The one at the end of the roll of carpet has a face like the one posted by Jim, but still I don't believe it is anything but dust.

The time we walked into the house I was disappointed. I didn't feel anything at all. The scariest thing that I encountered was a reciprocating saw that I tripped over.

I had a nice visit with Jim and Dianne so all was not lost.

Better luck to us next time.


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