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Please join me in welcoming barleychown (Sarah) as the newest member of the SSH Mod Squad.  Sarah's primary responsibilities will be in the gardening portion of the forum.  Her contributions to that area has had significant influence on the growth we have experienced recently. The addition of Sarah as a moderator gives us two great resources in the gardening topics.


Oh what a wonderful choice!!!  Many congratulations to you Sarah!  :ThumbUp: :clap:

 :applause: :applause: Yeah for Sarah............great choice too!!

Congrats Sarah :ThumbUp: :ThumbUp:

Look out now for all those questions (probably from me) :Whis: :Whis: :laughpound:

Congrats, Sarah. Good going. Dianna and Jim have good taste.

Bring on the questions! :ThumbUp: I love to garden, and I love to share all my knowlege with friends. I want everyone to have their own private place where they can go to relax and unwind. To stop and "smell the flowers", so to speak. :Gardeninhail:

Thank you guys for adding me to the "mod squad"!  :kissies:


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