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Great, 2 for Kodak and some very good information about those cameras.  Barb (sunsoaker), I like that docking station you mention.  That sounds like a neat accessory.

My camera uses AA batteries.  Rechargeable AAs last a really long time if you have the good ones.  Some of the off brand ones just don't hold the charge for very long though so they don't work well as a backup battery.

Ok, if I back up and count the cameras listed before I asked what type of camera then the totals look like this:

Canon 5, Kodak 2, Fuji 2, Olympus 2, Leica 1, Sony 1, HP 1, and Samsung 1.

I do not have the dock for my camera but would like to get one.  Right now I just use a cable to download pics and a separate battery charger when I need to charge.  Like Barb, I can take hundreds of pics and get them all downloaded before I need to recharge the batteries which makes it nice when I take so many pics.


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